Document Destruction in Guymon, OK

When you are responsible for the delicate documents and information that are currently placed under your care, you need a company that prioritizes your safety as much as you will. Thanks to our wealth of experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure, M.F. Docu-Shred clients are able to limit their potential exposure, without doing any major damage to their budget.

Document & Digital Storage Destruction Services

With the help of our document destruction professionals, a wide range of sectors are able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have to come to the right place. Whether you work in business, education, financial, legal, government or medical sector, we will help you handle any and all document and/or digital storage destruction that you require.

The methods that we utilize are 100 percent secure and will take place on-site. These guarantee full and complete destruction before any documents or digital information has a chance to leave the premises. The job is always done to the absolute best of our ability, in a timely and efficient manner.

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Paper Shredding

Operations and management are your domain. All you need to do is entrust yourself with your cleanup and the rest will take care of itself. The process of shredding paper documents can be very time-consuming, and this is something that we understand innately. The last thing that any business wants to be responsible for is the process of running piles of paperwork through a shredder, two or three at a time.

From there, you will have to find a way to get rid of all the shredded strips so that they cannot be put back together. Identity thieves love a challenge and are more than willing to put in the time and effort to do so. All they need is a bare minimum of information to place a business in a world of hurt. Leave the details to us and we will provide you and your customers with the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Media Destruction

As technology continues to advance, businesses must take the necessary steps to protect their data, as well as the data of the consumer. When this data is stored on various servers, it can remain vulnerable, especially as staffers begin to retire or move on to different opportunities. Storage devices and computers are also difficult to deal with.

That’s why professionals must be entrusted with this task. Thanks to our vast knowledge and top-of-the-line equipment, this seemingly challenging chore is made simple. Retired storage devices may seem safe, but they are a sitting duck for identity thieves. Our team ensures the timely and thorough destruction of any and all sensitive media. No data will ever be stolen from under our watch.

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Recycling all destroyed materials is often easier said than done, which is why the process needs to be entrusted to the professionals. Our expert team will follow all protocols that have been established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We aim to properly recycle all of your sensitive data, ensuring your continued protection and the protection of the planet as well.

Document Destruction Electronic

It does not matter what device you need assistance with. Our team is here to assist you with your new smartphone or computer as well. When you do not dispose of these devices in the proper manner, you and your company could be left holding the bag when identity theft inevitably takes place. If you have old IT assets that were utilized for business purposes, you need the help of our professionals to ensure your continued safety.

Electronic media can contain a treasure trove of information for identity thieves, whether you were storing phone numbers, sensitive documents, e-mails, passwords, credit card information or all of the above. Additionally, businesses are required by the government to dispose of these items in an environmentally friendly manner. We will deploy the necessary protocol and destroy the sensitive information thoroughly.

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End-to-End Security

There is no aspect of your document and digital data destruction that should ever be left to chance. With our help, you will save countless man-hours and accomplish these tasks in a fraction of the time. We will also take the time to observe your company’s workflow and provide you with helpful suggestions on gathering your digital and paper assets for proper disposal. Service can be scheduled on a regular basis so that risk factors are removed from the equation and potential consumer security threat outbreaks are a thing of the past.


What are the three methods of document destruction?

In order to prevent the release of documents and their sensitive contents, there are three different methods of document destruction that must be deployed. The dry process refers to shredding or milling. The wet process refers to pulping. Incineration is the third method utilized.

How can digital data be destroyed?

There are eight different methods that can be deployed here, depending on the specific needs of the business in question. The data can be wiped, deleted/reformatted, overwritten, erasure, degaussing, physically destroyed, shredded electronically or solid-state shredded.

What is the data destruction process?

The process of data destruction begins when data that is stored on hard disks and any other forms of electronic media is destroyed. During this process, the data is destroyed to the point where it is not readable and cannot be accessed for any reason. It should no longer be accessible by the application or operating system that was responsible for creating it. Deletion is not enough, either. Data destruction software must be used to overwrite all the available space so that any previous data cannot be retrieved.

How do you destroy storage media?

There are a variety of methods that are used. Data wiping, overwriting, shredding, crushing and degaussing are utilized. Professional assistance is required, so that federal information security legislation is taken into account. Diligent documentation of all outdated memory assets and hard drives is a must as well.

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Need Document & Digital Storage Destruction Services in Guymon, OK?

If so, you have come to the right place. Our team of experienced professionals is on hand, ready and willing to help all Guymon, OK business owners with all of their document and digital storage destruction needs. Give us a call as soon as possible when you are ready to get started. We are able to answer any and all questions that you may have. When you are ready to provide your business and your customers with the end-to-end security that all parties involved deserve, please be sure to contact us!

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